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Jun 2012

Trying to Lose Weight…? (June 2012)

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Are you trying to lose weight?  It is a minefield out there…so many opinions, weight loss schemes, quick fix pills and ab machines…how do you know where to start?

Well, as with everything in life there tends to be no shortcuts….but if you can decipher all the information that is available and combine good eating and well designed workouts you can greatly enhance your results.

Check out this great article from our mentor Charles Poliquin which will help you to understand why a calorie isn’t just a calorie…….




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Apr 2012

Vitamin D3…..are you deficient? (April 2012)


Emerging research shows that between 60%-70% of Australians are deficient in Vitamin D.

Our body produces Vitamin D in response to ultraviolet light and as we avoid the sun to protect ourselves from skin cancer we are also lowering our levels of Vitamin D.  It is also very difficult to consume adequate amounts of Vitamin D through diet – Vitamin D is found in fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna, mushrooms and eggs – but the amount of Vitamin D in these foods is simply not enough to reach anywhere near your daily needs.  This is where a Vitamin D supplement is a quick, easy and safe way to increase your levels of this important vitamin.

So, what is so great about Vitamin D – why do we need it?  To quote Charles Poliquin “the bottom line is that virtually every disease and adverse health condition is associated with low vitamin D3 levels”.   Well, that’s a pretty good reason!  Charles goes on to talk about the many health advantages of having adequate levels of Vitamin D3….just a few of these are:

1. Better Bone Health

2. Increase in Muscle Strength

3. Helps with Psoriasis and Skin Disorders

4. Prevention of Multiple Sclerosis

5. Cancer Prevention

6. Cardiovascular Health

7. Treatment of Depression

8. Prevention of Parkinson’s Disease

9. Fetal Brain Development

10. Male and Female Reproductive Health

Next question, how do you know if you are deficient?  Ask your Doctor for a blood test to check your D3 levels – 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3 is the test you are looking for and you really want your levels to be between 80-100 nmol/L.

If you find that your levels are lower than this then supplementing is essential.  Don’t be fooled by just any Vitamin D supplement – most of the mass marketed supplements do not contain a high enough dosage to make a difference – ask us about D3 Excellence from our Poliquin range of supplements to give your body the Vitamin D boost that it needs!

For further reading on Vitamin D3 follow this link:

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Feb 2012

Why we use Poliquin supplements at Body Buzz (February 2012)



We promised in our post a couple of weeks ago that we would explain to you why we choose Poliquin supplements over all others.  Well, all supplements are not created equal!  That is why a host of Olympic athletes use Poliquin products – these athletes undergo the strictist drug testing in the World and therefore cannot afford to take supplements that may be cross-contaminated or not what they say they are.

Check out the link below to read more about why we choose Poliquin products.


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Feb 2012

Who says sleep is overrated? (February 2012)



Want to improve your overall health and fitness?  Sleep can help you enormously – yes that’s right…lying down and doing “nothing” for 8 hours a night can improve your health!

Almost half of all Australian’s do not get enough sleep…the consequences of this are far reaching and continue into the daylight hours.  Tiredness, lethargy and sub-optimal brain function are some of the symptoms associated with a lack of sleep.  In addition, 5% of heart disease and high blood pressure and 10% of depression is attributable to lack of sleep or sleep disorders.*

Poor sleep is linked to increased inflammation in the body and also to an increase in breast cancer risk.  Poor sleep or lack of sleep increases both insulin and cortisol which leads to storing fat around your mid-section and also insulin resistance which may lead to diabetes.  Sleep deprivation also lowers testosterone levels, DHEA and growth hormone…all important hormones  involved in repairing tissue.**

Enough reasons to increase the quantity and quality of sleep that you get?  Well, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning….this helps your body to become familiar with your sleeping pattern


  • As Anthony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey suggest, spend a couple of minutes before bed writing in your ‘Grateful Log’ – keep it next to the bed with a pen and write down 5 things you are grateful for.  This helps to stop your mind racing and helps you to look at your life in a positive way…leaving you peaceful and calm to fall asleep


  • Take a tip from Batman and sleep in a bat cave!  That’s right, your room should be dark and constant in temperature.  If you have light shining in the window invest in some blockout blinds or curtains and try to keep the temperature in your bedroom the same all year round.  You can also try a sleeping mask to block any light in the room.  If you have to get up during the night try not to turn the light on…light will instantly interrupt the production of the sleep hormone melatonin**


  • Live in the dark ages….. In other words, you need to switch off or take out of your bedroom all electrical products…turn the tv off at the wall, leave your phone in another room and use a battery operated alarm clock…turn the face of the clock away from you and cover it with a towel if it emits any light


  • Have a stretch before bed…..just 10 minutes of stretching or yoga before bed calms your nervous system as well as the mind


  • Attention carb and sugar lovers….NOT before bed!  Stay away from carbohydrates and sugars before bed time…they raise blood sugar levels and cause a reactive hypo-glycemia, keeping you wide awake….alternatively you may fall asleep but then awaken again before 1am totally interrupting your sleep cycle**


  • Need a little more help?  Poliquin’s Wind Down 2.0 is a peptide extract from milk and has very powerful stress relieving and relaxing properties based on the relaxing nature of warm milk.  CTH (Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate) has been shown to improve sleep, support GABA function, reduce anxiety and lower cortisol in elite athletes.  It provides an almost immediate stress reduction by lowering cortisol by 35% according to the research.  Ask us about Wind Down 2.0 – formulated as a great tasting chocolate chew – to calm the mind and help you obtain a more restful sleep***







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Jan 2012

Zinc, what’s the big deal? (January 2012)

So, what’s the big deal – we never really hear much about Zinc…it’s at the end of the alphabet and has been forgotten about!

Well, here’s the big deal…….

Zinc deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiencies we see in our clients…..and in fact, it is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in the World.

Interestingly, Zinc deficiency leads to an altered sense of taste which in turn leads to craving saltier and sweeter foods as we search for “more taste” to satisfy ourselves….do you find yourself standing in front of the fridge searching for something salty or sweet – there’s a good chance you have a zinc deficiency.

You now may ask, why are we all so zinc deficient?  Well, our modern lifestyles have a lot to do with it – our zinc levels are depleted by high carbohydrate diets, coffee, alcohol, the Pill, stress, pollution, pesticides and toxic metals.  We also lose zinc through sweat, faeces, urine, menstruation, pregnancy and breast feeding.

Common symptoms of zinc deficiency include disrupted sleep, skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis, hay fever and allergies, poor or slow wound healing, decreased sperm output, reduced testosterone, decreased immune function and decreased lean body mass – that’s right guys, not as much muscle!

Zinc is involved in over 300 enzyme processes in the body, it helps to manufacture proteins and DNA, assists in normal growth and development, stimulates hair growth, develops taste, assists in hormonal activity and helps to carry out immune functions to protect against infection and cancer.

How do you know if you are zinc deficient?  Ask us next time you see us – it is a simple test and will only take a minute!  If you are zinc deficient then you will need to take a zinc supplement – the wonderful thing about zinc is that it is one of the most affordable supplements available!!  Just remember all supplements are not made equal….this is why we stock Poliquin supplements – we want to ensure that you receive the highest quality products available…interested in why the Poliquin range of supplements is so good?  Stay tuned for one of our next blogs….in the meantime ask us about a zinc test next time you see us!

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