Welcome to Body Buzz

Are you wanting to make some changes in your life – get fit, lose weight, banish pain, de-stress, increase flexibility?  If you live or work in Brisbane’s Centenary or Western suburbs – Jindalee, Jamboree Heights, Westlake, Mt Ommaney, Sinnamon Park, Middle Park, Riverhills, Sumner Park or surrounding suburbs – we are here to help you!

Here at Body Buzz we have studied and trained with both Nationally and Internationally renowned Health and Fitness experts who work with elite and Olympic athletes throughout the World.  You may be thinking, how does this help you?  Well, we believe that although you may not be an Olympic athlete, your ability to participate in your life is just as important…..why shouldn’t you be able to give a gold medal performance every day for your family and friends?

We believe that being able to fully participate in your life is not just about coming to see us once or twice a week for a “smash you” session and then walking out the door until next time.  We are in fact the exact opposite to this.  We focus on your HEALTH – it is as much about what you look like on the outside as it is about your actual health on the inside.

Many of us look fine on the outside but consider this….how are your stress levels, do you have recurring pain – back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, is your body strong enough to take you through your life, are you able to calm your mind even in situations of stress?  Most of us cannot answer all of the above questions positively….and that is why we created Body Buzz.

With the stressors of modern life and technology it is now not possible to be entirely healthy without making a conscious effort to do so and that is why we focus on the following core values here at Body Buzz……


Most of us feel bullet proof…until that is, something goes wrong.  Why is it that we wait until we feel something wrong or injure ourselves before we do anything about it?  Our health care tends to be reactive rather than pro-active….do you really want to wait to see what happens?  At Body Buzz we believe that everyone should make an effort to help prevent illness, disease and injury – whether you come to Yoga or Tai Chi to reduce stress levels and keep your body supple, use our Massage services to calm your mind and reduce and prevent recurring pain, recover from injuries with our Post Injury Recovery program, balance your body for Sports Performance or build strength through our Personal Training programs.


Whilst you may look fine on the outside and be within your healthy weight range, do you actually know how healthy you are on the inside?  Using Biosignature, a method developed by internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin, we can really get a picture of your overall health – this includes levels of certain vitamins and minerals in your body, hormonal imbalances, sleeping patterns and stress levels…just to mention a few.   We can balance your body internally with some supplementation and changes in diet leading to huge improvements in your overall health.


We believe that 100% of the population should be training their bodies and muscles to be strong…yes, that means women too!  Whilst cardio has its’ place our focus at Body Buzz is on Strength Training – our Strength Training programs can be used to achieve any goal that you have!  Our Remedial Strength Balancing program balances your body to prevent injury, our Cardio Blast helps with Weight Loss – to strip the fat whilst holding on to precious muscle, or use our Muscle Gain program to bulk up a little…or a lot.

Ladies…weights are for you too – if you are worried about getting “big” from lifting weights then you should know that this is not possible as your testosterone levels are not high enough for this to happen, if you want to “Tone Up” and get rid of the bat wing arms, flabby belly or wobbly thighs then weight training is for you!  We have imported the best gym equipment in the World from Atlantis in Canada and Watsons in the UK so that not only will you benefit from training techniques used by elite and Olympic athletes but you also use the same equipment – designed around biomechanics and ergonomics.

Stress reduction

Here’s a scary fact….stress contributes to 75% of disease.  If that isn’t enough reason to do something about your stress levels then we don’t know what is!  Our Buzz Club Massage Membership is designed for you to be able to enjoy a regular monthly massage at an affordable price.  Massage is shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels and flush toxins from the body greatly improving your overall well being.  Yoga is also a wonderful tool to assist with stress reduction – our classes are designed to not only lengthen and stretch the muscles throughout your entire body helping you to remain supple and enjoy ease of movement on a day to day basis but also to calm and centre the mind and give you some tips and techniques that you can use at home to help deal with and reduce your stress levels.

Pain relief

So many of us deal with some form of pain every day….headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or pain from gym injuries or overuse…….and many of us put up with this pain because we think it’s “normal” or that we can’t do anything about it.  At Body Buzz we don’t believe that anyone should have to put up with pain and our Remedial Massage Therapists use a range of techniques including structural alignment, trigger point therapy and myofascial release to help improve and relieve recurring pain patterns.  Dealing with pain on a daily basis not only increases your stress levels but is also draining and tiring and prevents you from being able to give 100% – either at work, in the gym or at home.

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